Best Isochronic Tones

After over one year of personal experimentation, and feedback from 100s of readers, these are the Best Isochronic Tones that money can buy.

Most of the best isochronic tones I have used have come from Unexplainable Store. They sell very high-quality products at a relatively low price, and they have a huge catalogue of isochronic tones.

(Just be sure to select "Isochronic Tones" when selecting your choice!)

In this article we cover:

- The best isochronic tones discounted package
- The best isochronic tones for meditation
- The best "random" isochronic tones

Best Isochronic Tones: Discounted Package

I'm a big fan of Unexplainable Store's discounted packages, but the Ultimate Success Package ($68.00) is probably my overall favourite.

The benefits of opting for a package bundle are: you get a BIG selection of related isochronic tones, at a highly discounted price (up to 50% off).

This won't be for everyone, but if you want variety and value-for-money, I'd invite you to consider the benefits of the Ultimate Success Package.

It comprises:

- 2 Prosperity Recordings
- 4 Motivation Recordings
- 1 Manifestation Recording

(This is a full 120 minutes of isochronic tones spread over the 7 Recordings)

This is one of the best isochronic tones packages for anyone looking to become more prosperous, more motivated and earn more money (who doesn't?!)

The isochronic tones are very "gentle" on your brain, and the background sounds are relaxing and help you to reach a higher level of consciousness very quickly.

I juggle this collection around, using the different recordings depending on my mood. I've loaded them onto my iPhone so I can listen on the move as well!

In short, this is the best isochronic tones package for ambitious folks who want a variety of tools to help them succeed.

Check out the Ultimate Success Package today.

Best Isochronic Tones for Meditation

I personally find it a lot easier to enter and maintain states of calm, deep meditation when using isochronic tones (as opposed to binaural beats or by trying "naturally").

Here are two really good isochronic tones that I (and many customers of Binaural Beats Geek) have had brilliant results with:

BrainWave Entrainment (Alpha) and BrainWave Entrainment (Theta).

You can buy them here

The Alpha Recording unsurprisingly takes you into Alpha brainwaves, which is the best place to communicate with and influence the unconscious mind - and it's massively relaxing and regenerative too.

The Theta Recording takes you to Theta brainwaves, which is where original, creative thought and insightful breakthroughs come from. This is a very deep meditation...

Both recordings are $16, and are stripped of most of the background sounds and special effects that most recordings have - resulting in a quiet, deep and contemplative meditation.

Best of all, they are only 20 minutes long each - so you can squeeze a really beneficial and powerful meditation into your day, no matter how busy you are.

Just choose the one which resonates with you most. Or you can get a discounted package with 4 Meditation Recordings (2 Theta, 2 Alpha) for $54

Best Random Isochronic Tones

Here are some of the awesome isochronic tones that me and my readers love.

There's a good mix of crazy and quirky recordings here, to help satisfy your every whim. If you want to go on a mind adventure, start here.

Lucid Dreaming Isochronic. If you want to start exploring your dreams consciously, there's no better way than to use this dreamy, trippy recording. Start to harness the power of your dreams now... boom!

Creativity Free Flow Isochronic. Fast-track your creative juices with this powerful, insightful 20 minute recording. I use this several times a week, and it really helps me to come up with new ideas and breakthroughs.

Chakra Recordings. Lots of people are getting into the idea of "tuning" their chakras. If this sounds interesting to you, you'll take great value from the BIG selection of chakra recordings, which are interesting and unusual ... to say the least!

Well, that's my take on the best isochronic tones. I hope this article has helped you to make a decision now. By now, you know as much as I do, so get yourself some isochronic tones and start really feeling the benefits now!

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