The Effects of Isochronic Entrainment

What does it actually *feel* like to use Isochronic Tones?

This article will detail the effects of isochronic entrainment, so you will know play-by-play the physical and mental effects of using and experiencing isochronic tones for yourself.

To make sure the information is as valuable as possible, I've just listened to a 20 minute isochronic recording (chosen at random from my collection), and scribbled notes on my state, thoughts and feelings throughout.

This should give you a really good idea of what it's like to experience isochronic entrainment and isochronic tones (hint - kinda crazy & fun)

Pre Test

With eyes closed, the random isochronic tone chosen is the rather grand "Chakra Tuning Isochronic" recording from The Unexplainable Store. This should be ... well, interesting, to say the least!

For those of you who don't know, Chakra Stimulation is an "ancient art" used by Practitioners of Yoga and Meditation experts to heighten spiritual awareness.

The Chakras - or energy centers - supposedly act as a "pump" which direct spiritual energy through the human nervous system. It's not for the faint hearted ;)

This isochronic entrainment MP3 supposedly stimulates each of the seven Chakras, with different frequency ranges for each Chakra squeezed into the 20 minutes.

To let you know, I'm not really into this whole Chakra sort of thing, but I'm happy to keep an open mind and see what the effects of isochronic entrainment are in this instance.... I like to try out all kinds of binaural beats and isochronic tones to see how my brain reacts.

Speaking of which, pre-test I'm feeling a bit lazy, a lot hungover, and a bit fuzzy brained. I'm not down, but I'm certainly not feeling super-happy. In fact, this is the worst I've felt for a while.

That serves me right for getting carried away on a school night, doesn't it ;)

Isochronic Entrainment - The Test

OK, let's get stuck in. I put headphones on (not strictly necessary with isochronic entrainment but seems to get quicker results), sit comfortably upright with my back straight, and press play.

Start - The recording begins with some gentle, soothing, relaxing music, which soon turns into some pretty trippy (and relaxing) synthesised sounds. It's like listening to Zen robots going about their business. Nice.

I listen out for the flickering sound of the isochronic tones under the music, which takes a bit of effort as the sound of isochronic entrainment is easy to miss. Oh, I immediately feel more chilled out. It must be the music... Surely it can't be working this quickly??

2 Minutes Gone - My breathing has slowed down a lot, I'm now taking deeper breaths (which I've read is good for you - and feels nice too).

I try to listen out for the isochronic entrainment noises, but I can only hear it (a) if I'm really looking for it, (b) when the music pauses silently. This is a marked difference to binaural beats, which are a little more aggressive / noticeable.

4 Mins - Already I'm in a state of deep relaxation. My mind is beginning to slow down, but the whole experience is very gentle compared to binaural beats. My shoulders are drooping, and my previously fuzzy head is beginning to clear...

... After just four minutes. Sweet.

6 Mins - All of a sudden I start to feel ludicrously happy about my life and career. I don't remember consciously thinking about it, but suddenly I feel rather proud of myself and excited.

Ah, bless ;)

There's also a tangible sense of optimism and control over my future, which just popped in, and I very much welcome.

Also, I'm starting to feel more energised. I don't know if it's my Chakras (as such!), but there is definitely a sense of energy inside me (this is a regularly reported effect of isochronic entrainment - you should get this on your first time, for sure).

10 Mins - Lost a few minutes there! Just opened my eyes, and the colours in my room are a lot more vivid (particularly on my big plant). Everything feels "right", there's no stress at all. I reckon I may be experiencing the start of hemispheric or brain wave synchronisation, so naturally I'm uber-relaxed.

14 Mins - Now it's heating up a bit. I can tangibly feel a vibrant, alive energy in my body, but my brain is very calm, slow and peaceful. This is an awesome break ;)

Now, in what might sound strange for binaural beats beginners, I've got that sought after sense of "being connected"... Very hard to explain, but there's just a mad sense of serenity inside me. I'm sooo chilled. My breathing is very slow and deep.

18 Mins - Everything's very quiet and still. I'm gone somewhere else!

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