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Are Isochronic Tones More Beneficial Than Binaural Beats?

Since the launch of isochronic tones, fans of brain wave entrainment have had but one solitary question on their lips:

Are Isochronic Tones more beneficial than binaural beats and the other technologies available?

With such a choice of technologies on the market - namely isochronics, binaural beats, monaural beats and meditation machines - how do you know where to invest your cash? How can you know which technology is best suited to you?

After four months of rigorous testing with around twenty MP3 recordings, I believe I have come up with an acceptable answer, and some distinctions between the technologies which should help you to decide which suits you the most.

This article will introduce you to the contenders for the "King of Brain Wave Entrainment" crown, give you an idea of their respective strengths and weaknesses, and then we'll answer the big question: are isochronic tones more beneficial?

Note - if you want to read about the best binaural beats and isochronic tones, you're probably better off looking at this review.

The Contenders ...

Before we answer "are isochronic tones more beneficial?", let's introduce you to the top three contenders.

1) Binaural Beats

The original and fans' favourite, binaural beats have a near strangle-hold on the brain wave entrainment market for years.

Cheap, accessible and proven to work in numerous Binaural Beats Research studies, binaural beats are typically the first port of call for a BWE adventurer to stumble upon.

Best Bits

- Proven to work in numerous studies
- Technology has been around for dozens of years
- Massively accessible - hundreds / thousands of choices
- Cheap - online prices driven down to around $15
- Powerful - guaranteed results (in most cases)

Worst Bits

- The sound of the binaural beats can be quite distracting and off-putting
- Can leave users with a minor headache (rare)
- Old technology - there have been many improvements since their discovery

Before we answer "are isochronic tones more beneficial?", let's take a look at our second contender...

2) Meditation Machines

A Meditation Machine is just like an iPod for brain wave entrainment fans - but rather than being filled with music it is filled with 20-40 different binaural beats recordings for the user to select at will.

Often, these machines are also provided with special glasses that have LED lights built in to them. These LEDs flicker and beat in time with the binaural beats, creating a deeper effect of meditation and making it somewhat easier for some users to "let go" and slow their thoughts down. This combined effect of light and sound can be very overpowering - and a lot of fun.

Two of the most popular meditation machines are the Sirius (entry level, approximately $150) and Mind Spa (advanced - $350). I own both!

Best Bits

- No need to download files - everything is here in one place
- Loads of selection - up to 40 different programs on each machine
- Good value for money - discounted price on bulk-purchase programs
- Strong - particularly when combined with the "Brett the Hitman Hart" glasses
- Very effective - no loss of quality (as you can sometimes get with MP3 downloads online)

Worst Bits

- Relatively expensive - the entry level product costs over $150, whereas a single binaural beats download can be less than 1/10 of that.
- You have to carry around another bit of kit - rather than upload MP3 files onto your iPod, you need to look after yet another gadget and take it with you when travelling.
- Not very discreet - particularly with the glasses - not great for public use!

We're nearly ready. Are isochronic tones more beneficial? Let's see...

3) Isochronic Tones

Before we answer "are isochronic tones more beneficial?", let me first introduce you to the newest kid on the block - isochronic tones, a brand new form of brain wave entrainment.

Whereas binaural beats utilise two tones (one played into each ear), isochronic tones use just one tone. This one tone is manually spaced and turns on / off in a pattern.

This may seem like a small distinction, but it means our brains have to do much less work to get the same effects as binaural beats - which allows us to feel more relaxed (quicker), get in a more powerful and peaceful meditative state, visualize better and more - and it means that you don't need to use headphones either.

The range of MP3s available has exploded over the past few months, and the cost is only slightly more than for the equivalent binaural beats recording. In short, isochronic tones appear to build on the existing successes of binaural beats, and turn the intensity up a notch ;)

Best Bits

- Your brain has to do even less work than with binaural beats to get results
- The sounds are gentler on the ear, and the noise of the isochronic tones is almost imperceptible at times
- Only cost slightly more than binaural beats - so they provide great value for money
- Quickest results - you'll feel better, quicker
- Variety / range of available MP3s improving by the day
- Don't need headphones - so no more uncomfortable laying in bed with plastic earbuds stuck in your ears!

Worst Bits

- Slightly more expensive - i.e. a 30 minute download is approximately $30, whereas an equivalent binaural beats MP3 would be $20-$25
- Some users may prefer to actually hear the brain wave entrainment technology better - in which case binaural beats would be better, as you can't really hear the sound of the isochronic tones over the sound of the relaxing music, etc.

So... Are Isochronic Tones More Beneficial?

Well, you've studied the evidence and reviewed the distinctions - what do you think? Are isochronic tones more beneficial than binaural beats or meditation machines?

My conclusion is that yes - isochronic tones are more beneficial than binaural beats.

Here's why:

Isochronic tones are a new technology. This doesn't necessarily mean they rule, but if you work on the assumption that they improve on existing binaural beats technology, then you're going to be excited about giving these a try.

You don't need headphones. This makes them easily accessible, 24/7. Whenever you need a pick-up, you can listen to your isochronics - and your friends can too.

There's a growing collection of isochronics available - so you can already get them for meditating, visualizing, remote viewing, tuning chakras, improving memory - and everything else in between.

They are the most cost effective brain wave entrainment technology available. For a few dollars extra than binaural beats, you get access to the most powerful, fastest-acting beats. I figured the companies selling these would add 50-100% to the price point - instead, we're looking at around a 10-15% surplus. Not bad at all!

In four months of testing, I have found that isochronic tones create faster, longer lasting and more enjoyable states of relaxation than binaural beats.

As such, I highly recommend the use of isochronic tones. Are isochronic tones more beneficial? Yep!!

Get some now from Unexplainable Store...

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