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August 2017

1) Brain Evolution System

2) Unexplainable's Lucid Dreaming

3) Ennora's Recharge Refresh

4) Unexplainable's Theta Isochronic

5) Ennora's God Consciousness

* According to sales at, August 2017

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Best Binaural Beats for beginners

So you're new to binaural beats and you want a recommendation? Well, I'm well known for my binaural beats expertise. Let me help you!

binaural woman

I'm gonna keep this short and simple for you, and offer you two awesome choices.

Both of these choices are perfect for beginners. They are powerful, fun... and best of all, will get you brilliant results from the very first listen.

No need to "shop around". Go for tried and tested...

#1: Theta Meditation from Unexplainable Store

This simple, inexpensive Theta MP3 takes you to Theta brainwaves, which is where creative thought and insightful breakthroughs come from. This is a very deep meditation... and will demonstrate to you the power of binaural beats.

It's great for beginners because it's not too long, it gets really immediate results, and it's a very cool experience all-round without being overpowering.

#2: Brain Evolution System

A great place to for binaural beats beginners to start is with Brain Evolution System.

This is a 6 month, 6 CD program, specifically designed to walk beginners through to super-deep and insightful meditations.

No skill is required. Just listen to the (beautiful) recordings once a day... and watch how quickly you start to become calmer, happier, friendlier - and more creative.

Take a look at Brain Evolution System now.

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