My 10 Top Tips for Spiritual Growth

We’ve all experienced it before, that feeling that there is more to life than the material and physical world we see around us. For some of us, it’s a certain moment or life-altering event that begs the question, and for others it’s a life journey for more fulfilment in their lives. Spirituality means different things to different people, be it religion, connecting with nature, or connecting with your inner self.

It’s up to you how you chose to approach and connect with spirituality and bring it into your life. It can be a lifestyle choice, or a single act or belief, but however you chose to engage in spirituality, it’s proven to help bring positivity and increased fulfilment to your life. Here we’ll talk about the different approaches, key tips to spirituality. So whether this is your first time connecting with your spiritual side, or you are looking for further guidance, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Meditation

The benefits are overwhelmingly positive and have been proven to reduce stress, promote happiness, calmness and clarity. While I passionately believe in the benefits of meditating with Binaural Beats, all meditation forms bring in positives to your life.

Furthermore it’s good to see meditation slowly working it’s way into the mainstream world; some tops CEO’s of the world swear by meditation and some progressive companies are even adopting the practice for their staff to aid productivity in the workplace, especially for meetings.

2. Identify the positives

All to often we spend too much time focussing on the bad in our lives. This breeds negative energy and hinders us on our quest to progress spiritually or otherwise. At the end of every week, take a few minutes to sit down and reflect on the positives you have in your life, look at what you’ve got to be thankful for and what you’ve achieved. You’ll find this will help you develop a more positive and forward thinking attitude to all aspects of your life.

3. Listen to your dreams

Paying attention to your innermost desires is a good way to connect with your true self. What do you yearn for? What do you wish for most? Listen to your gut feelings and recognise them. There is nothing wrong with dreaming big either, if “big” even holds a meaning with dreams. One man’s big will be another man’s small so don’t worry about how far away that goal may be, but do appreciate that dreams don’t happen overnight. Concentrate on taking small steps at a time to realise them and you’ll start to feel growing fulfilment in your life as you move towards your goals.

4. Let spirit lead

For most people, negative tendancies such has control, doubt, and worry, dominate. If you are one of these people you’ve got to break these habits by not allowing them to lead. While calculated risk is helpful when making life decisions, don’t let these automatic negative tendencies affect such decisions. Instead, make way for guidance and leadership of spirit and let life flow with trust that everything will work out ok. The path of least resistance way not always be the outcome you had hoped for, but swimming up stream will usually achieve a result that is not best you. So embrace spirit’s leadership and let life flow.

5. Forgive yourself

We all stumble along the path of life, and some of us will fall. However, it’s important to learn to truly forgive yourself and others without harbouring resentment or bitterness, if you want to move forward in life. Belief in forgiveness will make your journey to spiritual salvation a much smoother ride. When your energy is spent on focussing on positives rather than negatives, you’ll become much happier.

6. Look at your surroundings

Take a look at those around you. The people and things close to you attract source energy, so if you’re around people who are angry, depressed, or have bad-energy people then you’re going to find staying positive and light more difficult than with positive, happy, forward thinking people or even better, those who are on the same spiritual path as yourself. So pay close attention to how much time you spend with certain people, as well as the books, music and films you consume.

7. Give a gesture of good will, without expecting it returned

The feeling of doing something good for someone and bringing joy to them is hard to beat, think to the feeling when you give someone a Christmas or birthday present and how happy it makes them feel. Well by doing small gestures daily you can elevate yourself to a more spiritual place. It doesn’t have to be anything big, think of letting a car out at a junction, buying a coffee for someone at work, or making your friend or partner a special meal, it brings joy to others and in turn to yourself. Try it!

8. Do things you enjoy

With the stresses of modern life it’s easy to get disconnected with the things we enjoy. However, enjoyment doesn’t have to mean going on holiday or to a music concert, there a lots of small things that bring enjoyment to everyone that can amount to happiness and help you connect with your spiritual side. This could be, enjoying a meal outside, taking a nice stroll at lunchtime, going for a swim, or having an early night to watch a movie in bed. Whatever it may be, don’t neglect the small things in your day-to-day life that bring yourself joy.

9. Embrace failure

There is an undeniable stigma attached to failure, but learning to embrace it is a very important step in order to achieve success. When things don’t go how you’ve planned take the time to learn from and reflect upon what went wrong and to apply your lessons to your next venture be it in business, love or leisure.

10. Connect with nature

The majority of the world live in urban environments and therefore we can become disconnected with nature quite easily by simply being caught up in our urban lifestyles. Finding a connection to nature is easy for all of us to do and the benefits for your spirituality are endless. You’ll feel more empowered, more appreciative for life, and more at one with yourself and nature. Simple ideas are to take regular walks in parks or countryside and take some alone time to connect with the trees and rivers as you do. Other simple ideas include, feeding birds in your garden, growing vegetables or herbs in your garden or an allotment, and finding a spot sacred to you which you can sit in an observe the beautiful surroundings.

By taking time to apply these tips and principles into your lifestyle you will feed your spirituality and allow yourself to grow into a more fulfilled and spiritually mature person, which will benefit not just yourself but others around you in everyday life. It’s important to start small and work your way up, possibly even concentrate one area at a time. We hope you’ve found the tips useful for your spiritual journey! Love to all!

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