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1000's of have relied on my Binaural Beats reviews to help them make the right decision, based on their goals and budget. There's a lot of BAD, low quality stuff out there... don't fall victim to it!

On this page I lay out my top 4 recommended binaural beats stores.

Under Discussion Today:

Brain Evolution System - Best overall system
Ennora - Powerful, at a low price
Binaural Beats Meditation - Huge choice, heaps of fun
Brain Wave Alchemy - Jedi Mind Trick :)

Tip: You can get free samples by signing up to each stores newsletter.

1. Brain Evolution System

The Brain Evolution System is the most powerful and polished of the meditations I have used, whipping you into an unparalleled state of brainwave synchronisation at a fast, but manageable pace.

If you are desperate to meditate deeply and truly get ALL the benefits of brain wave entrainment, this is an astonishingly effective program which is backed up by some major research. But... it ain't cheap.

Brain Evo uses a patented and fancy sounding "3-Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process" technology, or as I like to call it the super-charged-love-child-hybrid of binaural beats and isochronic tones. The Free 15 minute Download is cool.

The results? Near-instant Zen'd out bliss, blowing your mind every time you use it. It is a very impressive offering.

Brain Evo gets the most striking, beneficial results of all the tested products on this list - I've experienced deeper relaxation, better visualizations, a laser sharp focus and improved peace of mind when using it.

This isn't a single recording - it's a full 6 month course spread over 6 CDs / MP3 downloads. Here's how it works: Listen to one CD for a month, for around 30 minutes per day, 3-6 times per week.

In 30 days you switch to the next disk on the intensity scale - and incrementally improve your ability to reach (and stay in) peak performance states - flow, inner quiet, sense of connectedness - and benefit from all the health benefits of brain wave entrainment - less anxiety, more happiness, more creativity, better moods etc.

This course is really impressing me. Needless to say, it takes some commitment and won't be for everyone.

The recordings sound better than anything I've heard (even Holosync) - and each stage has over 100 hi-def, natural, emotive recordings - thus answering one of the greatest criticisms directed at binaural beats in general (i.e. they tend to sound a bit crap and boring).

Brain Evo sounds awesome, creates breathtakingly relaxing states, quite clearly effects you in a positive way - and is a bit of a pleasure to use.

If you're looking to get the absolute best results on the market, without compromise, then Brain Evolution System is for you. Whatever your reasons for using binaural beats, if you want to make major breakthroughs, this is the Daddy of them all. If you would prefer to ease your way into brain wave entrainment, it's recommended you try one of the earlier options instead.

Vital Statistics: Brain Evolution System

If it was a car: a flashy and eye catching Bentley
This is for: Non compromising binaural beaters determined to get the best results, no matter what.
This ain't for: Those struggling to put food on the table ;)
Best bits: Strength, quality, sound, impact, fun, very high-spec. Seriously impressive results.
Worst bits: "Internet Marketing" type sales page is a bit over the top and not overly representative of the product. Also, as mentioned, it's not cheap.
Freebies: Free 15 minute Download in exchange for email address. This is worth signing up for even if you have no interest in buying - simply use it as a quick refresher whenever you need it.
Price: $297 for a full six month, six CD course (plus $100s of "free" extras). Free 30 day trial, full 7 months money back guarantee.
Overall: Er... prepare to have your mind blown. Brain Evo makes the Binaural Beats Geek salivate - this is a whole lot of fun, and gets the best results. 9/10

2. Ennora

Ennora is a relatively new player in the binaural beats field, but is producing some of the most intense binaural beats around.

A word of warning: some of Ennora's binaural beats are STRONG, and are not for the faint hearted. I suggest trying the samples before committing.

These recordings pin you back in your seat, overpower you and take you on an absolute mind trip. You'll retreat into your consciousness for half an hour on an internal adventure, and experience deep sensations of energy and relaxation. It's fun, but some of the recordings are not recommended for beginners.

There's a good choice available - 12 recordings, ranging from the simple (Crystal Clear Mind), to the obscure (Astral Projection) to the downright crazy (God Consciousness.) Ahem.

These are slightly different to some of the other offerings around, but a lot of fun. If you want to taste the power of premium recordings (i.e. Brain Evolution System) at a fraction of the cost.

Vital Statistics: Ennora

If it was a car: A Mazda MX5. Great performance, and much cheaper than it should be.
This is for: Seasoned binaural beaters and adventurous souls.
This ain't for: The faint hearted, or anyone "testing the concept". Too strong.
Best bits: Superb low price, very powerful trips and vivid experiences.
Worst bits: Not ideal for when you want to relax gently - although admittedly I haven't tried their relaxation MP3 yet. So that might be a tad gentler...
Freebies: An intense, 10 minute recording streamed from their website. Email opt in required. Go take a listen for free.
Price: $9.99 per recording, or all 12 for just $43.
Overall: Great fun. If you've got a few binaural beats already, you'll probably enjoy and benefit from these. If you're after a powerful experience, look no further. 8/10

3. Binaural Beats Meditation

Binaural Beats Meditation excels in providing premium quality brainwave entrainment recordings. Their tracks are designed to induce deep states of relaxation, concentration, and well-being, making them a top choice for both novices and experienced users looking to enhance their mental states efficiently.

They offer a wide variety of sessions of 30 or 60 minutes, tailored to specific needs. Categories span from stress relief and sleep to focus and meditation, ensuring a personalized listening experience.

Begin with their foundational tracks like the deep meditation or focus music to achieve a state of profound relaxation or heightened alertness. These tracks are perfect for easing into the benefits of binaural beats without feeling overwhelmed.

For those ready to explore further, Binaural Beats Meditation also offers unique tracks aimed at supporting specific goals such as enhancing creativity, improving sleep quality, or even fostering spiritual growth. Their library is both expansive and intriguing, inviting exploration and regular use.

With top-tier sound quality and a commitment to effectiveness, Binaural Beats Meditation's offerings stand out as essential tools for anyone looking to deepen their meditation practice or explore altered states of consciousness. Their tracks have garnered widespread acclaim for their ability to consistently deliver meaningful and impactful experiences.

Vital Statistics: Binaural Beats Meditation

If it was a car: A Tesla Model 3 - modern, efficient, and high-performing
This is for: Those seeking high-quality, impactful binaural beats for personal growth
This ain't for: People looking for a quick, superficial fix without deeper engagement
Best bits: Superior sound quality, broad selection, effectiveness, great for personal development
Worst bits: With such an extensive library, newcomers might find the wide selection daunting at first.
Freebies: Sample tracks available to experience the quality and range before committing. No email sign-up required for initial samples.
Price: Individual tracks range cost $9.95, with bundle offers providing exceptional value. Satisfaction guaranteed with a focus on customer experience.
Overall: A standout choice for discerning individuals looking to enhance their mental and emotional well-being through binaural beats. Highly recommended for its quality and comprehensive selection. 8/10

4. Brain Wave Alchemy

Brain Wave Alchemy is a new company I've stumbled across, and so far I'm impressed. They offer good value binaural beats recordings which create a noticeable shift in consciousness. Created by a cool dude called Wayne who heads a big binaural beats community at, these are definitely worth evaluating.

They are specifically designed to create states of deep relaxation and focus - and with names like Zen Mind Meditation and Laser Focus, that's no real surprise.

I've found these tones to be pleasantly relaxing and not too overpowering. My girlfriend likes them too, which is sweet.

Brain Wave Alchemy is Binaural Beat Geek's official middle-of-the-road recommendation for binaural beats. It's good quality stuff, yet unlikely to blow your mind. Good for an afternoon nap or an evening chill-out, and very fairly priced at $15 (down from $30, apparently).

PS - fellow geeks should keep a particular look-out for the fabulous Jedi Mind Trick recording. Great stuff. The stuff binaural beats geeks' dreams are made of.

Vital Statistics: Brain Wave Alchemy

If it was a car: A quietly understated Audi
This is for: A gentle, more subtle brain wave entrainment experience
This ain't for: People looking for instant, powerful shifts in consciousness.
Best bits: Different, fun, good price, good buzz, nice website design
Worst bits: Rather limited choice... But who needs choice when there is a Jedi Mind Trick on offer?!
Freebies: Good quality 20 Minute Free Sample, see email opt in on home page.
Price: $14.97 for a 30 minute recording.
Overall: Nice, clean fun. 7/10

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