Visualizing with Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats help to make the visualization experience more vivid, enjoyable and intense.

Some immediate benefits of creative visualization is the assistance it provides in positive traits, including with; becoming more focussed, concentration, self confidence, creative thinking and new ideas. Additionally, it will help you take repeated action towards your personal goals, and it’s very fun.

This article will provide you with all the information you need to get you visualizing like a pro.

What is Visualization?

Creative visualization is the process of using the power of your imagination to assist you in getting what you want in life and reaching your goals. Whether you want to improve your financial life, be more successful, or to have a more relaxed and less stressed life, visualization can help you along the way.

But how and why does visualization work?

Firstly, mental rehearsal has been proven to be just as effective as physical practice, so by “rehearsing” your dreams in your mind, your brain actually produces new neural pathways, which in turn make it easier to replicate and realize these dreams in “real life”.

Secondly, your mind can’t actually tell the difference between a “real” memory and a “vividly imagined” one. So, simply put you can trick your subconscious mind into “believing” that you are already living and breathing the success and goals you've imagined, and therefore you change your ways of acting and living and your behaviour adopts to new successful ways that will make you much more likely to reach your goals “for real”.

There is also a theory about “thought vibration” that is associated with visualization. An example of thought vibration is when you resonate an energy, in this case let’s say success, then you will unwittingly attract more success into your life. By controlling your thoughts to success, you put out “different vibes” and therefore attract more success into your life.

That’s the basic outline of visualization.

How do binaural beats come into it?

Let’s have a look…

Firstly, visualizing with binaural acts as an aid in overcoming the main challenges of learning how to visualize.

A common problem, is that some people struggle with “quietening their mind” to the required level to enable visualization. This is a key element of visualization; your mind needs to be in an extremely relaxed state so you can embark on the “inner journey”.

Being stressed out after a hard day or having worries on your mind can prevent such relaxation for example, so it’s essential to calm down and relax totally. This is important, as to influence the subconscious mind, the conscious mind needs to be in the perfect state to make desired changes take effect quickly and be more pronounced. When the brain produces alpha waves, you have much better access to your subconscious, so the aim is to get into an alpha state.

A good aim is to create vivid “mental movies” of your goals and of you living at your best, which is greatly helped by your mind being in a deeply peaceful and still state.

This is where binaural beats come in... Using them can be a very significant help to overcoming these challenges.

Firstly, binaural beats typically make your mind go quiet - ideal when trying to visualize.

Secondly, when your brain gets into the alpha state you can influence and communicate with your subconscious mind much easier.

Finally, creating vivid movies and images is much easier when the mind is in a peaceful and deeply relaxed state.

As such, binaural beats make the experience of visualizing more fun, more effective and create changes on a deeper and longer-term level.

How To Visualize with Binaural Beats

Here is a simple 10 Step Process for Visualization

Here are tried and tested method to help you achieve brilliant results with binaural beats. Follow these simple instructions and you will feel the benefits including more self-belief, confidence and focus.

  • 1) Get comfortable, the comfier the better. However, it’s recommended that you sit up unless your aim is to fall asleep.
  • 2) Start a suitable recording that promotes alpha brainwaves
  • 3) Take slow & deep breaths, from your belly to slow your breathing down
  • 4) Totally relax your body. Relax each part of your body in turn. Head, shoulders, knees & toes (etc)
  • 5) Start to Visualize! Play the mental movie of you acting in the best way possible, daydream and explore.
  • 6) Pay attention to the all the details of the images and add as much detail as you can. Think of all your senses; sounds, smells, tastes, etc.
  • 7) Aim to feel as good as if you were experiencing it for real by adding of the full range of real emotions
  • 8) Focus on acting in the best way you can. It doesn't matter if you don't act like this in “real life” currently,
  • 9) Edit and re-edit until you find the final cut of the perfect movie. Remember you’re the star and the director!
  • 10) Repeat on a daily basis for around 10-30 minutes a session.

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