Binaural Beats & Isochronic Tones: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Once you've got yourself some binaural beats or isochronic tones (or both!), the journey to deep relaxation, out-of-this-world trips and improved brain functioning begins.

Lots of people start to email me at this point, however - with questions about how to maximise their investment and get the best possible results.

As such, I've put together an article answering all these questions!

Here's the questions this article covers:

- How often should I use binaural beats?
- Is there a limit to how often I use binaurals?
- Why do the effects wear off after a while?
- Why are binaurals "so expensive"?
- How do I get the best value for money?
- I can't find the time to use them. Help?
- I'm not getting results... Am I immune?
- What should I think when using binaural beats?
- Which binaural beats would you recommend for me?
- What's better? Isochronic tones or binaural beats?

Let's get started! (Feel free to scroll down to questions that are relevant for you!)

Q: How often should I use binaural beats?

A: Use them as often as you feel like. Some companies say you MUST use their beats every day to get results; generally I find this approach to be nonsense.

Some weeks I only use binaurals once or twice; others I use them practically every day. My overall results don't fluctuate too much no matter how much I use them.

Sure, if I use them every day I'll feel awesome after using them.

Conversely, if I skip a few days the world doesn't start to crumble around me.

Using binaural beats or isochronic tones should be a fun, exciting experience. If you're really not in the mood for them, skip a day (or ten).

Don't buy into the marketing hype that says you MUST use them every day.

Approach your binaural beats use like a hobby; by all means go crazy and use them all the time if you fancy it; if not, take a break and relax. Your gains are not going to disappear overnight.

Q: Is there a limit to how often I should use binaural beats?

A: In short, no, you can't really "overdose" from brainwave entrainment.

But - saying that - use your own wisdom to decide when enough is enough.

If you've done a couple of hours straight and your brain starts to ache, for goodness sake stop for a while.

Conversely, if you fancy yourself as Neo in The Matrix on the training simulator and you can't get enough - fuck it, keep going!

In short - YOU know what's best for you.

Some times you'll want to go mad and use them loads; sometimes you'll want a break. The benefits of brainwave synchronisation do not disappear overnight; and they won't diminish if you use binaurals a lot. Follow your own instincts!

Q: Why do the effects wear off after a while?

A: If you've been using the SAME binaural beats file for a while (varies between a few weeks and months, depending on the person), then your brain may begin to become adjusted to the entrainment.

THIS IS A GOOD THING! It means your brain is changing!!

Some people "give up" at this point. This is a bad move.

Instead, put aside this MP3 and start to use another, new one.

Your brain will NOT be adjusted to the new MP3 file, and you will start to experience the awesome effects again.

Then - and this is so simple that most people don't do it - go back to your "worn out" binaural beat MP3 in a few weeks… and be thrilled and amazed to discover that it will be like using a NEW binaural beat again.

That's right - after a break, you'll experience your old brainwave entrainment as "new" again. Sweet.

Q: Why are binaurals so expensive? Even the "cheap" ones are $30 for an MP3 file!

A: Erm… supply and demand, my friend.

It takes a lot of clever people a lot of time and effort to make and test consciousness-changing MP3s. They have to be rewarded for their input.

Try to focus instead on the VALUE they provide.

If you think $30 is "too expensive" to feel amazingly relaxed; more creative; in better health and more confident… well, I'd argue you may want to prioritise how much you value your own mental well-being!

I'd love binaurals to be cheaper (I've spent thousands on them) - but then again I'd love DVDs, sneakers, Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts, coffee, iPhones and big screen TVs to be closer to their "cost prices". Unfortunately, the world doesn't work like that. The return on investment from brainwave entrainment far exceeds the return from these other commodities. Easily!

Q: How do I get the best value for money?

A: If money is tight, I'd recommend opting for a discounted bundle package.

This gets you 4-5 different binaural beats, for between 30-50% discount.

One of these packs (around $60) will easily last you 6 months. That's around $10 per month for all the benefits of binaural beats, or about 30 cents a day.

Ennora offers fantastic deals on their comprehensive collections of binaural beats. Whether you're seeking to enhance meditation, improve focus, or simply relax, Ennora's discounted packages provide a great opportunity to explore a variety of high-quality audio sessions tailored to meet your needs.

While it requires a bigger investment up front, you definitely will save money in the long run.

Q: How do I get the advertised results when I don't have time to use them?

A: Er, that's nonsense :)

I empathise with your position - you may not have a chance to sit in a quiet room every day for 30 minutes to use them. We all live busy lives nowadays.

BUT... you can use binaurals almost anywhere!

Try using them on a train or bus; when walking around (keep an eye open for traffic!); first thing in the morning while you're getting ready; instead of the TV at night; when reading a book; on your lunch break… or whenever you get a few minutes.

Don't limit yourself.

Granted, you'll feel less of the effects when you are moving about - BUT they will still change your brainwaves in the same way! So you'll get the same benefits; even if you don't notice them immediately!

Make a tiny bit of effort and you'll easily incorporate binaural beats into your routine.

Q: I've used binaural beats once or twice but I don't get the results you talk about… Am I immune?

A: No!

Brainwave entrainment is NOT subjective - it works on all brains, the same way.

What's happening is you're probably over-thinking when using them - and over-riding the effects. Oops!

Imagine binaural beats as a gentle flute in an orchestra. To hear it above the sounds of the other instruments, you need to de-focus and relax, and allow its melody to come through.

If you put binaural beats on and then start over-analysing what's happening, it's like inviting a brass band to play over the top of the flute! If you do that, it's gonna be practically impossible to hear the soft tones of the flute.

Instead, simply relax into the MP3.

Become comfortable with the idea of "nothing happening".

Let yourself drift off - even have a little nap. Or simply breathe deeply and try to focus on that.

Even put a big smile on your face and imagine yourself laying on a beach in the sun.

Or take your focus internally - and feel your body from the inside out. Feel your heartbeat, the "energy of your body", your blood circulating.

The more you try to MAKE things happen, the worse your experience will be.

Paradoxically, the less you consciously try to do, the better results you'll get.

So… try again… but this time let go. Don't expect anything to happen. Clear your head.

And then experience the BIG breakthroughs :)

Q: What's the best way to use binaural beats? What should I be thinking?

A: There's no right answer to this, but there's a few "strategies" that I use to get awesome results.

First, a great way to operate is to simply relax and let your mind go wherever it wants to (see above). Just breathe deeply and "let go". Be happy. Be chilled :)

Secondly, you could try "going on a trip". Use your imagination and go wherever you want to. For example, experiment with the idea of floating out of your body; or imagine being on a beach somewhere; or even see yourself visiting a new galaxy! There's really no limit to where your mind can take you.

Thirdly, imagine yourself in perfect health - in fact, imagine your body and mind healing itself. This will change from person to person, but simply get a sense of "perfect health" and run with it!

Fourthly (and my favourite!) - visualise your perfect life, whereby you've already achieved all your goals. Not only will this feel AMAZING, but there's a lot of evidence to suggest that doing this can help program your unconscious mind to go and make your dreams a reality! If you don't know how to visualise, watch this video I made.

Alternatively, do whatever you like… There's no "right or wrong way" to experience brainwave entrainment.

Q: What binaural beats would you recommend for me?

A: If you're just starting out with binaural beats, a good approach is to begin with foundational tracks that introduce you to brainwave entrainment gently. For beginners, consider starting with a simple Alpha Meditation to help relax your mind, and then progress to a Theta Meditation. These tracks are designed to ease you into the practice effectively.

For those with more experience, exploring more advanced and specialized sessions can be highly beneficial. Consider checking out bundles from Binaural Beats Meditation for a comprehensive experience. Additionally, Ennora’s God Consciousness track is particularly powerful for deep meditation and expanding consciousness. These selections aim to elevate your binaural beats journey.

If you've been using binaural beats for a while, and you love the results, opt for Brain Evolution System. There's simply no better product on the market. Get ready for BIG results!

Q: What's better - Isochronic Tones or Binaural Beats?

A: In my opinion, pay the couple of dollars extra and opt for isochronic tones.

They are gentler on the brain, and I find they provide quicker and more profound results.

This may be a case of personal preference, so if budget permits try both.

You can read more in my article on Binaural Beats Vs Isochronic Tones.

Q: Any other advice?

A: Yep - have fun with it!

Binaural beats are supposed to be enjoyed!!!

Relax, experiment, and enjoy noticing your life improving a little bit each time you use them.

Keep a smile on your face and enjoy being on the cutting edge of brain improvement!!

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