18 Symptoms of the Binaural Brain

Why *YOU* should be using brain wave entrainment tools

The "Binaural Brain" is a nickname for the conditioned brain of a person who uses binaural beats, isochronic tones or other forms of brain wave entrainment (BWE) on a regular basis, and who experiences awesome benefits doing so.

This article will introduce you to 18 symptoms of the binaural brain - each one more glorious and inspirational than the last ;)

If you're not yet playing with Binaural Beats, and you like the sound of the practically unlimited possibilities of the binaural brain, I hope this article will inspire you to give binaural beats or isochronic tones a go today.

What is a Binaural Brain Really Like?

1) The binaural brain experiences less stress than the regular brain. Anxiety drops, peace of mind increases. This has been proven again and again in binaural beat research studies. Win / Win.

2) The binaural brain produces more happy chemicals than the regular brain - including serotonin, DHEA and endorphins - which make you feel good. (Think post-exercise, post-sex kinda good ;)

3) There are more neural connections between the left and right hemispheres for binaural brains (the brain has to do this to actually process the sound of the binaural beats), suggesting improved "whole brain functioning" - a quality attributed to genius folks such as Edison, Leonardo Da Vinci and more.

4) Brain wave entrainment users develop the ability to enter a state of brain wave synchronisation, and get all of the associated health benefits.

5) The binaural brain is more self-aware. This may be due to spending time in alpha brain waves and theta brain waves, associated with the subconscious mind. I personally reckon binaural beats help us to communicate with our subconscious minds better - which is a massively transformative thing to do.

6) Over time and with practice, there is often more control over emotions and feelings for binaural beats users. The binaural brain helps you to manage your reactions to external events, helping you to become a more thoughtful, rounded person. It's almost as if you get half a second of calm before angry reactions kick in!

7) Whether you use binaural beats, isochronic tones, monaural tones or meditation machines, or any other form of brain wave entrainment.... you will still get the binaural brain.

Variety is the spice of life!

8) Binaural brains are more creative brains. This is probably because creative leaps and breakthroughs come in the theta brain waves state (which is very difficult to reach naturally - but binaural beats can get you there semi-easily.)

9) Binaural beats users tend to have higher levels of calm and inner peace.

No matter how stressful the life, binaural brains tend to have a chilled out and happy core. And believe me, they didn't all start like that ;)

10) Binaural brains experience less frustration. That's because they've learned how to be more centred, and not get over agitated and upset when things "go wrong".

Sure, I get p*ssed off once in a while, but my tolerance to stress has risen immeasurably. For example, I used to go crazy with stress and frustration if I missed a bus, or if a train was delayed for even a few minutes.

2 weeks ago my flight from London to Vegas changed airports (after I arrived at the original one) and was then delayed by a further 9 hours. Plus, I hadn't slept the night before as the flight was supposed to go early in the morning. The day had the potential to be a disaster! How would you have reacted if you were in my shoes?

What happened? Well, me and my girlfriend (fellow binaural beater ;) got a seat, chilled out, read, laughed and had fun. It didn't matter how long we had to wait - we'd get there. Getting in this chilled state was *definitely* helped by binaural beats use.

The old "us" would've gone loco, fo' sure ... ;)

11) Users of brain wave entrainment tools feel that they are more intuitive. Prolonged access to the theta / alpha states helps this. Could you do with a bit more sixth sense in your life? And not the Bruce Willis movie kind?!

12) People with a binaural brain tend to be high achievers. They find ways to perform at their best, more often. They work hard to improve. I like 'em. They are the MJs of the world as far as I can tell... Quick question - do excellent people find binaural beats, or do binaural beats find excellent people? Hmm...!

13) Prepare to experience more coincidences and "good luck" with the binaural brain. Don't ask me why, but it just seems to happen! Perhaps taking the time to chill out for a few minutes every day opens us up to an inner wisdom we normally keep covered up? Controversial perhaps, but what do you think...?

14) Binaural brains are bigger brains - literally. When you listen to binaural beats, your brain has to create new neural pathways to process the sounds, meaning that your brain gets bigger (physically!) every time you use them. Do you want a bigger brain? You think that could be pretty cool? Damn right! ;)

15) When you use isochronic tones and binaural beats, your ability to handle stress increases. You won't react as aggressively anymore. You'll take a deep breath. Chill out. Assess the situation. Relax... Sure, you'll get angry still, but a lot less often. See crazy Virgin Atlantic experience above - I didn't curse Richard Branson's name once during the whole ordeal... OK, maybe once...

16) Binaural brains are sharper brains. Probably something to do with all the training you give it...

... And the extra neural connections. And the increased meditative focus. And the rest you give it when you use BWE tools. Something to do with that, I reckon!

17) There are more "ah ha!" moments for binaural beats users. This is because creative breakthroughs come from the theta state, and most people can't access this on demand. BWE tools can certainly help you to get into this beneficial state.

I had the idea for this website, ironically, when I was using some isochronic tones.

What kind of ideas could you start having? Perhaps you could learn to express yourself creatively better? Earn a second or passive income? Start doing what you love?

The possibilities are near endless!

18) Fans of brain wave entrainment tend to be more confident, more optimistic and happier. This is probably due to the masses of "happy" natural chemicals produced when binaural beats are played, as well as a mixture of the past 17 reasons you have just learned. Pick one ;)

Final Thoughts

In summary, I reckon that Binaural brains are cool brains. Unquestionably.

If you want to have a chilled, happy, peaceful & creative brain, you should definitely try some BWE tools.

They are load of fun. They're good for you. They make you smile ;)

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Treat yourself!

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