Binaural Entrainment: The Proof, Science & Research

The benefits of Binaural Entrainment sometimes sound too good to be true. So how can you be sure that they really work the way they are supposed to? Can you ever really be sure?

Over the past three years of using binaural beats and isochronic tones I have carried out a significant amount of research into all forms of binaural entrainment.

The results I found - as well as 1000+ days of use - have convinced me that binaural beats really do work... in a big way!

These articles will share my findings with you, so you don't have to invest the same amount of time researching (or worrying about) your investments in binaural beats.

You will find out:

- Summaries of all major Binaural Beat Research - do binaurals really work?
- An overview of the science behind Brain Wave Entrainment
- An introduction to the hugely beneficial state of Brainwave Synchronization
- Information on Alpha Brain Waves, Theta Brain Waves and Delta Brain Waves

My objectives are: to provide you with all the information you need in one place; to show you that there is *lots* of evidence that binaural entrainment works; to get you excited about the research into BWE and brainwave synchronization; and to inspire you to start experimenting with your brain waves too.

Whether you are a resolute sceptic or just keen to find out more, these articles will provide you with all the info you need.

Not sure where to start? Just keep reading this page...

Show Me The Proof!

I was *massively sceptical* when I first stumbled upon binaural entrainment a few years ago. I just couldn't believe for a second that (a) this kind of technology existed, and (b) if it did, there's no way it could work as well as the marketers were claiming.

Luckily, I decided to investigate further... And as a Law graduate, I was used to researching through boring, big books full of notes and dry research... which set me up very nicely for this job :)

After several weeks (and then months... and then years) of searching, I put together a rather compelling mixture of scientific research, clinical studies and PHD papers on the documented effects of binaural entrainment.

You can read all my findings in Binaural Beat Research. This is a detailed article that lists all of the research that I have found - everything from the impact of binaural beats on chemical production in the body, to experiments researching increases in memory and IQ and happiness and well-being.

Everything I have found is listed in this article.

This will be a must-read for you if:

- You're very sceptical about whether binaural entrainment actually works
- You're a "left brain", logical thinker who needs proof before deciding
- You're curious into the research done into binaural beats
- You already use binaural beats and you want peace of mind

If you're intrigued by what kind of proof is available that binaural beats and isochronic tones work, be sure to read Binaural Beat Research now. I think you'll be blown away by the amount of proof I've found.

Take a Step Back

If you're new here, you may also want a quick overview of Brain Wave Entrainment, which is the science that drives binaural beats and isochronic tones.

This beginner's article is designed to introduce you to BWE, explain how it works, argue why you would *want* to do this, and get you set up for your first binaural entrainment experience.

If you're new, or just want a recap of the basics, take a look at Brain Wave Entrainment.

Why, Why, Why?

The question I get asked most about binaural entrainment (apart from "how does it work?") is:

"James... why would you want to do this?"

The way I answer depends on my mood. Sometimes I give people an overview of all the Benefits of Binaural Tones, which range from everything to less stress, to increased happiness, to better memory and more optimism...

... and sometimes, when I really feel like confusing / scaring people, I start to talk about the awesome benefits of Brainwave Synchronization.

Brainwave Synchronization is a powerful, incredibly beneficial state. Despite the confusing name it's really quite simple: all it means is that the left and right hemispheres (sides) of your brain begin to act in the same way.

The benefits of this are *huge* (you'll have to read the article to find out why / how).

Plus it feels awesome to be in this state. And... it's even rumoured to be the realm of moments of genius.

If you're interested in peak performance, being the best you can be, and living a life of happiness with as little sadness as possible, make sure you research Brainwave Synchronization.

What's the Deal with Brain Waves?

Binaural Entrainment essentially works by sending signals to your brain waves to slow down ... take a break ... and relax :)

If you want to know a bit more information about the different levels of brain waves us humans operate from, these articles will be must reads for you.

Our normal waking brain wave level is "beta". This is quite an active, agitated state, and is used for thinking, conversation, brainstorming and loads of other cool stuff we do when we are awake.

Beta is awesome... but too much of beta can be a bit knackering. Do you ever feel that your mind is running away with you a bit? You can't "switch off"?

Yep... me too. And that's beta for you, I'm afraid.

The good news is that we can learn to lower our brain waves naturally, which helps us to feel more relaxed, peaceful and centred (and is massively good for our body too).

We can also use binaural entrainment to get us there quicker too.

The other main states are:

- Alpha Brain Waves. Do you know how awesome it is to have a nap or a snooze? And how relaxing and fun it is? Well, that's the alpha state for you, and the best news is it's *really easy* to get there with binaural entrainment. This article will teach you all about "the relaxation response" and everything else you need to know about alpha - including the creative breakthroughs that are associated with this state.

- Theta Brain Waves. Now, this level of brain activity is all to do with deep relaxation, super learning and creativity (sounds amazing doesn't it?!). This article will introduce you to this awesome state - which we normally only access when we are asleep! You can use binaural entrainment to stay awake in this state quite easily (with practice), and the benefits are huge. Find out more here.

- Delta Brain Waves. This level is the most controversial of them all! Very little is known about this state of "deep, dreamless sleep". Apparently, when we are in the womb we are in delta, and just before we die we go back to delta, and apart from we almost never experience it! However... some expert meditators claim to be able to stay awake in this state, and compare it to "experiencing God"... and now some people say that with lots of practice binaural entrainment can help you experience delta. I don't know if this has happened to me, but you can find out 9 crazy facts about delta brain waves here. If you're into the unexplainable, this will be perfect for you...

That's it for now...

I hope that the many (boring!) hours I spent researching binaural entrainment were worthwhile.

I'm now utterly convinced as to the power of binaural beats, and I want to spread the word around the world! I honestly believe that they can play their part in helping the world to become a more relaxed, happier place.

If you found my research interesting, and if it has convinced you to give binaural beats or isochronic tones a try, then my time was well spent.

If you want to look at some of my favourite, best value binaural entrainment tools, take a look at my review of the Top Binaural Beats now. These are all scientifically researched and are guaranteed to get you awesome results.

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