How to Influence Your Unconscious Mind Using Brainwave Entrainment

As you are undoubtedly aware the Unconscious mind holds a lot of power. When you influence your subconscious you open up some incredible things, and you can do it right now.

The unconscious mind is in charge of pretty much your entire life. It is responsible for your potential, including your potential income, potential happiness, and potential success. It also influences what you perceive to be the truth of the world.

The unconscious mind affects how many sales you make, how much trust you have in your partner, the place you perceive to have in the world, how much you smoke, drink, and do drugs, and so much more.

To put it simply the unconscious mind is in charge of pretty much your entire life. The good news is that you can influence your unconscious mind with practice. You can reprogram it. This article will show you some great ways to retrain your unconscious mind to create more success for yourself in every aspect of life.

If you ever felt that making more progress was an impossible task then you’ll be pleased to hear that influencing your unconscious mind is the best way to attain that success. So let’s get started.

What NOT To Do When Influencing The Unconscious Mind

Before starting with what you should do, it’s important to emphasise that altering your unconscious mind isn’t as simple as thinking differently. You can’t alter the unconscious mind with conscious thoughts. It’s UNconscious after all.

Trying to alter the unconscious mind with conscious thought would be like giving someone instructions in a language that they don’t understand. They won’t understand and it won’t make any sense. This is why you need to learn how to communicate with the unconscious mind in a way that it understands.

Influencing the Unconscious Mind

1. Learning the Language of the Unconscious Mind

You need to begin by talking in a language the unconscious mind will understand. This isn’t English or French or whatever language you speak. Simply put the unconscious mind communicates with EMOTIONS and IMAGES.

When you feel a lot of positive emotions and can clearly see yourself succeeding then you have a much better chance of influencing the programming of your unconscious mind. It may sound a little strange at first but this is the way you’ve always programmed yourself.

Bad programming is a result of feeling powerful negative emotions and bold pictures of failure and rejection. If you are publicly rejected by someone you like growing up it’s really embarrassing. It’s also a memory that replays in your head all the time. As a result you program yourself to find asking someone out on a date to be embarrassing.

On the other hand if you were to make a big sale one day, it leaves you feeling pretty great. When you replay that moment again and again in your head because of how great it felt, you’re likely going to see yourself as a better salesperson, leading to more sales success and money.

Therefore the key to programming your unconscious mind is to feed it these compelling and bright pictures of you performing at your best. Feel that these images are the truth.

Something to be aware of is that, at the start, our unconscious is a very neutral entity. It just sits and watches. So if you talk to your unconscious mind using negative emotions and images the unconscious mind won’t reject them. Instead it will act on them no matter what.

So always focus on the positive things and speak to your unconscious using encouragement and compassion. Avoid focusing on those past failures. Instead focus on the past and future successes and keep them front and centre. If you find that difficult then instead focus on what you want out of life. Get hyped about the future and what it holds. Feel the success and your unconscious mind will change to bring it to life.

Avoid dwelling on your bad experiences. Focus on the great ones. Make them up if you have to. There has been plenty of research that suggests our unconscious minds have difficulty telling the difference between real memories and fake memories we bring life to. It’s a real glitch in the Matrix you can use to your advantage. Imagine yourself successful and your unconscious mind will believe you ARE successful and make it happen.

If you’ve never tried to visualise consciously before then watch this video on how to do it to get started.

If you only follow one piece of advice from this article then let it be this. All you need to do to kickstart your success is feel positive emotions and create powerful images of success in your mind. This is all it takes. But if you want to take it even further then just read on a little more.

2. Going Deeper

Something to remember is that our unconscious mind, great as it is, is also a little hidden.

The reason it’s hidden is that it’s so active we’d quickly be driven mad by all the random thoughts and images that the unconscious processes. We’d be so distracted that nothing would ever be done. We’d change our minds and even ourselves hundreds of times a day.

So how do you safely access these hidden parts of the unconscious mind?

We start by paying a visit to the unconscious mind. It can be find hidden in our alpha brain waves. If you aren’t sure about the different brain wave frequencies here is a quick rundown:

Right now your brain is running on beta waves. Beta waves are quick and let you think, multitask, and access your memories. Your brain is always doing a lot. Basically you are awake and you’re lucid, which is great.

When you go to sleep and you dream, your brain has access to theta waves. Theta waves are so slow moving that it’s difficult to remember what happened consciously. This is how you can forget a dream as soon as you wake up.

In the middle of these beta and theta waves are the alpha waves. These alpha waves open up the space between the dream world and the real world. You might remember feeling a really warm and comfortable place just before you fall asleep. That is the realm of alpha waves.

These alpha waves are believed by many to be the doorway to the unconscious mind. So basically we communicate with our unconscious minds using positive emotions and pictures. The effect is enhanced when we do it from the realm of the alpha brain waves.

But how do you gain access to these alpha waves?

One recommended way to go about it is to meditate.

If you don’t have the time or patience you can just cheat though. Using binaural beats and isochronic tones are a great way to access alpha waves. In particular Alpha Brainwave Entrainment and God Consciousness are two good ones.

All you need to do is lie down, put on the binaural beats, take a deep breath, let go, and let your imagination run wild as you envision yourself at your best.

Let yourself feel the positive emotions and repeat the process. To get the best out of this you should spend a few minutes each day like this. Then you move on to...

3. Chilling out

The last tip to influencing your unconscious mind is relaxing. Trust in your unconscious mind to connect to you. It might be difficult to do but it is a necessary step to success. Remember that it is impossible to micro-manage your unconscious mind. It’s UNconscious after all!

Worrying about what is happeing is a conscious act. So don’t deal with it. Instead spend some time in the morning, evening, or both, to imagine what you want and feel the positive emotions associated with it. Then just let everything go.

Put everything out of your mind. Be in the here and now. The unconscious mind can only be tapped right NOW. If you stress and worry then you get lost in your thoughts which can jam up your unconscious. Nothing good could come out of that.

Of course you should create positive expectations for the future. Think about getting great sales or meeting someone fantastic. This is all good to do. But you have to let go of the attachment you feel to the outcome. Don’t let yourself be stressed out about it. Believe that something good will happen and that something big is happening that you can’t see.

Avoid undoing all the good you’ve done by stressing that you aren’t getting results quickly enough. Just relax and you’ll soon see results.


Remember that you need to use strong positive emotions and happy pictures to speak to your unconscious mind.

You can meditate or make use of binaural beats to access the unconscious mind easier and influence it faster.

Take a few minutes out of your day to think about all of this, and then let it all go. Forget about everything.

It should only take a few days or weeks for you to realise that you’re thinking differently. When you act upon these new unconscious beliefs you hold you’ll see you quickly get more out of life.

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