The Effects of Binaural Beats

What does it actually *feel* like to use them?

What are the effects of Binaural Beats? What does it feel like to use them? This article will show you the actual physical & mental effects - with me as the willing crash test dummy.

By now you've probably researched brain wave entrainment and some of the best value binaural beats, but you may be wondering what it actually feels like to use binaural beats.

This is a totally valid question - and one that I had when I started researching this market. I couldn't find any answers, but hopefully this play-by-play account of my experience will help you to understand the real effects of binaural beats - and let you to decide if it's something *you* want to try. This will either thrill or petrify you ;)

Pre Test

I'm about to embark on a 30-minute Binaural Beats session, planning to capture my thoughts and feelings throughout with pen and paper.

For this experiment, I'm utilizing a $9.99 Creative Mind MP3, an investment comparable to the cost of a couple of cups of coffee, allowing you to potentially replicate my experience.

This session is crafted to induce theta brain waves, akin to the REM sleep phase, linked with heightened creativity, "super-learning," and improved memory retention. Therefore, I anticipate a state of deep relaxation, sparks of new ideas or insights, vivid visualizations, and perhaps the surfacing of forgotten memories.

Let's see what unfolds.

Effects of Binaural Beats - The Test

1) The first thing I notice is the relaxing music. It's all chimes, rain, bongs... all very zen. It's nice, and immediately I start to feel more chilled out.

2) I become aware of a slight humming noise in the background. This is the sound of the binaural beats working, although it is barely perceptible, especially after a few minutes. Unless you're trying to focus on it, you'll forget about it shortly after noticing it.

3) Now, a man starts talking over the track, encouraging me to breath deeply and relax. I forgot he was on this download - be aware note that a small percentage of binaural beats tracks do have "hypnotic style" talking over the recording.

I don't mind this, but just keep an eye out when you buy binaual beats for any mention of voice-overs if you want to avoid them.

Anyway, I listen to the voice and start taking deeper, slower breaths.

4) About three minutes in, I "come to" and realise that I'm starting to feel really relaxed. My muscles are definitely more relaxed too. I'm beginning to develop a sense of peace of mind. Awesome.

5) By now, maybe five to seven minutes in (I forgot to check, and binaural beats are notorious for distorting your sense of time) I realise that I'm really being taken away by the sounds.

I'm also aware that this is in no way down to conscious effort on my part. In fact, it kind of feels like laying on a lilo out in the ocean... Just a gentle relaxation, bobbing along, with my mind elsewhere. By now, I'm really enjoying it.

6) The next stage feels like a definite shift of consciousness - a tangible deepening of the feelings I've experienced so far. I also sense that I have a half-conscious choice to make over which direction to take this session: I can either let my mind slow down even further, allowing it to quieten totally and continue to relieve my tension; or, I can allow my brain to start operating at a "higher level".

This is quite tricky to explain, but basically I sense a powerful background feeling which contains positive thoughts and beliefs I have about my goals and dreams.

It's a real form of confidence that is within my grasp. I can either go with that and do some conscious visualisation, or I can just "let go" and let my mind be quiet and deeply relaxed. The choice is mine!

7) I start by letting go and relaxing further. By about ten minutes in (estimate), I now have an unshakable sense of relaxation.

I feel happy and positive inside too. I can tangibly feel the energy inside my body, which brings with it a sense of warmth and peace, and I can even sense my heartbeat and pulse as the blood pumps through my body.

Weird, but most definitely pleasant. I'm not even really aware I'm listening to binaural beats anymore. I'm just kinda floating ;)

8) I just checked my watch. I'm sixteen minutes in. I'm not sure where the past few minutes went, but I definitely wasn't "conscious" of them.

By now, there has been an unmistakable uptake in my endorphin production. I feel awesome; really happy, contented, and even a bit powerful (though it shames me to say it!)

Although I'm really chilled, I now feel more alert as well. It's a strange (but fun) combination. I feel like I could happily either go to sleep or spend hours working. It's hard to convey, but I could either have loads of energy, or no energy at all. I get the sense it's totally up to me. Which, I accept, sounds totally random and "new-age" ;)

9) I nearly forgot to add: at this point, I open my eyes and look around the room. Wow! The colours are much more vibrant, and when I look around I see things and objects for what they are, I don't see "labels".

It might sound strange, but I looked at my huge plant and sofa for a little while, just appreciating them "as they are". It's quite humbling, in a weird sort of way.

10) I let my mind race now - it's flying through images and feelings of me being confident, achieving my goals, and being truly contented with my lot in life. It's not really like thinking, as I don't feel in total control of it. Instead, it's like stepping back and allowing my brain to run through all the things I want to achieve.

This feels really good and I notice being filled with confidence. I'm very fond of binaural beats at the present moment ;)

11) Ah, the ideas! At last! A couple of minutes from the end, my mind "dumps" on me several ideas relating to my business, and also reminds me that I forgot to email somebody back yesterday.

I jot the ideas down, happy. There's no way I consciously remembered this, or thought about them...

... the ideas just "popped in" themselves.

12) The Creativity Freeflow Binaural Beats come to an end. I "snap out" of my trance and come back to the room. My immediate thought is "I feel serene and peaceful and pretty damn happy. Sweet!".

Not bad for twenty minutes of sitting on the sofa with headphones on, not bad at all...

Effects of Binaural Beats - Two Hours On

By now, two hours have passed since listening to the binaural beats. Here's how I feel:

I definitely feel clear minded, relaxed and happy; but I'm also alert, focussed and have a deep sense of excitement for the day. This is not how I felt when I woke up, I promise!

There's a pronounced feeling of well-being inside of me. Imagine how you feel when you wake up on a Sunday and have an awesome day planned and no worries about work at all - it's kind of like that. There's no stress or anxiety knocking around at all. I just feel pretty sweet. Pretty cool.

There's a lot of "good energy" kicking about inside of me. I'm eager to get my work done and achieve a lot today.

I've had a few really good ideas about my business. My girlfriend also sent me a text message about some troubles she was having at work, and I was able to make her feel happy and upbeat again really quickly. This enthusiasm is contagious!

Overall, I feel upbeat and calm. It's not like I've taken a load of powerful drugs and I'm "buzzing", it's more like I just feel at my natural best.

Final Thoughts on the Effects of Binaural Beats

Well, that brings us to the end of my experiment. I hope you enjoyed reading about the effects of binaural beats.

Having read this back, my experience does seem a... little over the top - but this article was honestly written from the notes I took when using the binaural beats, and it is a true reflection of my experience. If you are intrigued to go on your own creative adventure, $9.99 will get you the same Creative Mind Binaural Beats. There's a 30 day 100% money back guarantee.

It takes a bit of practice until you can choose whether to "visualise" or "just relax" when listening to binaural beats, but both journeys are fun, relaxing and rewarding. If you've liked the sound of my experiences, give them a try yourself and give your mind a well-deserved break / adventure.

So... the million dollar question.... Did it make me more creative? Well, in short, yes I think it did - at least for a moment. Whilst I didn't invent a renewable energy source or stumble upon the formula for alchemy or cure world poverty ...

... I did have a few really good ideas about my business, which seemed to come from somewhere "beyond me", and I definitely feel more creative with my writing at the moment too.

These Binaural Beats may not turn you into Einstein overnight, but they'll help you to be the best you can be at the moment.

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