How to Use Brainwave Entrainment to Rock Your Day

How to use brainwave entrainment? Well, it's one thing to get yourself some binaural beats or isochronic tones, and quite another to actually get the most out of them...

Next, you need to find out how to use brain wave entrainment.

The big question is: when and where can you use binaural beats and isochronic tones? How can you get the best possible value for money?

Here's 15 ideas from the Binaural Beats Geek which will show you how to use binaural beats to truly rock your day... and get the most out of your investment.

15 Ways To Use Binaural Beats

Before bed. Use binaural beats to drift off into a deep, peaceful sleep. This is great for insomniacs and lazy folks alike.

You'll sleep like a baby after a session on the beats. Try and get some which take you to the theta state of mind, which is as close to sleep as you can consciously get.

First thing in the morning. Start the day with a dose of an energy-raising MP3, and feel awesome for the whole day. Worth getting up a few minutes early for.

When commuting. If you're on a train or bus, put your headphones in, shut your eyes, kick back and spend a blissful 30 minutes experiencing another universe, while the world around you rebels against their horrific commuting existence ;)

With a book. Reading a novel? Another way how to use brainwave entrainment is to stick on some isochronic tones, and watch the book come to life before your very eyes.

Your imagination will go into overdrive - you're likely to get a bit carried away - and the fun factor multiplies. I've used this for everything from a Dan Brown thriller to Winnie The Pooh...

When meditating. Do you like to meditate, but find it tricky to quieten your mind? Try again with some binaural beats, and feel / experience the massive difference. There's a reason I call binaural beats "the lazy person's way to inner peace" - they do most of the hard work for you ;)

Revise with binaural beats. How to use brainwave entrainment for revision? Well, there's loads of studies done that suggest BWE tools improve visual retention and memory.

Got a test coming up? Something new you want to learn? You'd be mad to revise without your magic tones too ;)

At lunch. If you have an employer liberal enough to let you spend 20 minutes at lunch eyes shut, kicking back at your desk with a massive grin on your face, put some isochronic tones onto your iPod, listen at lunch, and then wait for the *huge* increase in productivity in the afternoon.

When visualising. Do you visualize what you want your future to be like? (Please say yes!) If so, watch how quickly your visualization practice can transform with the use of binaural beats. I'm talking more focus, more feelings, more vivid pictures and sensations - and better results.

When doing boring work. Let's face it - most of us spend at least part of our day bored, unproductive, wasting time. No need to fear - if you can get away with headphones at work, simply plug in 20 minutes of uplifting isochronic tones and carry on as usual. I'm betting you'll have more fun, get more done, and feel more energised. This is one of my favourite ways how to use brainwave entrainment.

Whilst keeping fit. I've found binaural beats to be useful for spicing up jogs, trips to the gym, warming up and stretching, and yoga type stuff (not that I've done too much of that).

If you're taking part in some relatively low level exercise, experiment with brain wave entrainment, and see if it doesn't make the good feelings even better than normal too.

When bored. This is a revolutionary way how to use brainwave entrainment: if you get bored, take thirty minutes to listen to some beats. Er, that's it ;) Whether you want to chill out, meditate, visualize, brainstorm, think, create - or anything else.

It may sound heretic, but I'd argue that 30 minutes here is hands-down a better investment than watching (yet another) re-run of Friends or South Park...

... OK, maybe not South Park ;)

In the bath. Baths are insanely relaxing at the best of times.

Now, take an isochronic tone recording (no headphones required), some chilled out Zen music (included on the download), and prepare for the bath of your life. Boom :)

In a coffee shop. Coffee shops are fabulous places to spend a couple of hours reading, doodling, people watching and, er, drinking coffee. Throw a binaural beats recording into the mix, and you're increasing your fun by the power of 2 (at a minimum, I reckon). That's how to use brainwave entrainment.

After a big night. No BS here - binaural beats and isochronic tones are the best natural hangover cure I've come across. No matter how boozed (or worse) you were the night before, spend half an hour the next day drifting off with BWE - and watch your hangover slip away. And then start boozing again with a clear head ;)

Instead of a power nap. It's a well known and utterly proven fact of life that all humans love to snooze. Fact!

The stress reduction powers of a nap are insane. The ability to (a) feel warm and awesome, (b) come up with cool ideas, and (c) experience great visions, are all a trade mark of the snooze.

Even Edison and Einstein were reported nappers. Now, throw in a binaural beats MP3 and imagine what it's like to have a snooze using brain wave entrainment too!

See how awesome that feels? Notice the feelings and sensations. Breathe in the awesomeness. That's how to use brainwave entrainment.

Final Thoughts and Advice

My friends, that's 15 ways how to use brain wave entrainment, although the possibilities are near enough endless. Use your own imagination to get the most out of your investment.

In my eyes, if you get yourself some Binaural Beats, put them on your iPod / MP3 player, and simply go about your business... Boom! You're laughing.

(Just DON'T use them when flying helicopters, spaceships - or driving cars or operating heavy machinery, for that matter)

That is the essence of how to use brainwave entrainment tools - in short, use them whenever you can. They rock!

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