How to Stop Fast Brainwave Activity

We all experience those high stress situations from time to time where we are flustered, overwhelmed and can’t think straight. Before this happens again, take a little time to read our steps to calm down, and to slow down brainwave activity to a relaxing state.

1. Take Deep Breaths

First and foremost, you need to slow down. Step away from the situation and find a comfortable place to sit or lie down.

Next, take long, slow deep breaths in and out of your abdomen. We’ve all heard of deep breaths but not everyone knows what the benefits are exactly. By breathing deeply, instantly your blood pressure reduces and therefore your stress levels and brain wave activity, while also promoting better blood circulation, giving relief to tension and aches within the body. Medium to long term, the benefits will also include strengthening abdominal and intestinal muscles, releasing toxins from the body and aiding better sleep.

Concentrating purely on each breath will divert your attention away from the stress you’re experiencing by taking you away from fast, beta, brainwave states, and into alpha brain waves. After just 5 breaths you’ll notice the difference.

2. Listen to Binaural Beats

After your deep breaths, the next step is to put on some relaxing binaural beats or isochronic tones.

As you may be aware, the immediate benefit is that it will lower the frequency your brain waves are working at and reduce fast brainwave activity.

While in your relaxing place, listen to the binaural beats or isochronic tones and allow yourself to drift off with the relaxing sounds. You won’t believe how relaxed you’ll feel even after a short 10 minute session.

See Binaural Beats Geeks top suggestions for MP3s below...

3. Visit a Happy Memory

This is a top tip for stopping fast brainwave activity and reducing stress even further, whilst you are comfortably listening to the relaxing sounds.

Let you mind roam free and settle upon a happy/relaxing memory of your choice. Really focus on the memory and returning to that place. You’ll find it’s very effective and totally chills you out.

4. Picture a Beautiful Future

If you’ve followed the previous steps, by this stage you’ll be feeling extremely relaxed and possibly even floating in and out of conscious awareness through the binaural beats or isochronic tones (this is a great state to be in by the way, just flow with it and don’t fight it).

The next step is to now let your mind wander forward to a happy place in the future. You’ve got total artistic freedom here to create your dream future. Let your mind settle in on happy, relaxing images in a rich and prolific setting.

This step is extremely effective at stopping fast brainwave activity. Additionally, it also helps you recognise what you want in life and what will make you truly happy. There’s even evidence to support the theory that dreaming and imagining helps you to realize your life goals.

That's It!

Following these simple steps will be very effective in stopping brainwave activity and will also make a huge difference to your overall stress levels. Additionally, they are fun, enjoyable and will make you feel wonderfully relaxed inside.

Binaural Beats Geeks’ top MP3s

Here are a few of my MP3 suggestions that will effectively stop fast brainwave activity:

Unexplainable Store's Anxiety Aid, and Relaxation tracks (there's 5 in total) are well designed to calm the mind and relax - very quickly.

Ennora's Crystal Clear Mind is a 30 minutes timeout, which will get you...

"into a state of peaceful, contemplative awareness, a state that all seasoned meditators agree contributes to a less stressed, less anxious, healthier mind".

I can attest to the above statement, it's a great track.

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