The Benefits of Binaural-Beat and Isochronic Tones Technologies

aka binaural-beat tools - what should I expect with regular use...? Have you ever wondered what the actual, proven benefits of binaural beats are? And how this could help you in your life?

There are actually a huge amount of proven benefits, (as well as more reported and rumoured benefits) of binaural-beat and isochronic tone technologies, ranging from everything from increased self-esteem, better sleep, deeper relaxation, higher IQ and increased creativity.

Unfortunately, there is also lots of conflicting information and marketing spin, which can make it hard to determine fact from sales pitch. My aim is to:

- give you loads of cool information about the benefits of binaural beats - introduce you to the research that proves brain wave entrainment works - teach you about peak performance states of mind (and how to reach them) - demonstrate the long term effects of binaural-beat use

Here is a list of articles on the Benefits:

- Benefits of Binaural Tones
- Binaural Beat Research
- Brainwave Synchronization
- Binaural Brain

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So... What are the Benefits?

If you're new here, a good place to start is with the Benefits of Binaural Tones.

This introductory article introduces you to the proven benefits of binaural tones, binaural beats, isochronic tones and all other strangely-named forms of Brain Wave Entrainment (BWE).

If you are looking for an article that quickly and concisely summarises the key benefits of binaural beats, you're in luck.

In this article you will find out:

- How binaural-beats can affect your sense of well-being and self-esteem
- The impact these tools can have on your levels of relaxation and calm
- The dramatic chemical reactions that occur inside the body with BWE
- How brain wave entrainment can improve your intelligence
- The overall health benefits to be expected

This article is a great place to start if you are interested in the benefits of brain wave entrainment. In just a few minutes you will know as much about the benefits of binaural beats as me - without having to spend three years on trial and error research!

Read the Benefits of Binaural Tones.

Where's The Proof?

Binaural Beat Research was written to help all the struggling sceptics out there - the people who are intrigued by binaural beats, but who just can't get themselves to take the leap of faith yet and try them out for themselves.

First and foremost, I totally empathise with you. It took me many months to give binaural beats a go, as I was convinced that they were "too good to be true".

It was only when I took it upon myself to research the market, and to consider the numerous scientific trials, clinical studies and research papers hidden out there...

...that I began to understand just how proven binaural-beat technology is.

My aim with this article is to share with you all of the science and research that I have found, in a concise, engaging manner. I also hope that it will help you to open your mind to try some of these tools out for yourself.

In this article you will learn:

- Proof that brain wave entrainment technology works
- Results of studies on relaxation, meditation, pain management and more
- Effects of binaural-beat recordings on creativity, imagination and ideas
- Results of tests on hormone and chemical production in the body
- Effects of binaural beats on the mind - including IQ and levels of anxiety

I hope that this article will convince you that the science and research behind binaural-beat tools is strong, and inspire you to try them out.

Read up now on all the Binaural Beat Research.

What is BrainWave Synchronization?

Brainwave Synchronization is my favourite benefit of binaural-beat / isochronic tones - and with so many to choose from, that's something I wouldn't say lightly!

The benefits of experimenting with this one state make playing with binaural-beat tools truly worthwhile on its own. Brainwave Synchronisation is a "truly beneficial state" - according to leading Doctors - and can dramatically impact and improve your life.

In this article, you will find out:

- What Brainwave Synchronization is
- How to create a state of deep awareness and mental clarity
- How to get your left brain and right brain to work together better
- The dangers of brain lateralization
- Why a Princeton Professor loves binaural-beat tools
- The effects of Brainwave Synchronization on the mind and body

This article has the potential to blow your mind...!

If you can learn to access a state of brainwave synchronisation on demand, your life (and enjoyment of life) will inevitably increase dramatically.

Find out everything you need to know about this peak performance state now - read Brainwave Synchronization.

What Happens to the Binaural Brain?

Binaural Brain This is my final article on the benefits of binaural-beats. It is a quick-fire list of 18 cool things that happen to the brain with regular binaural beats use, which should leave you in no doubt of their awesomeness.

Whilst it's less rigorously referenced than the previous few articles, this is a great way to learn about loads of the benefits of binaural-beat tools and isochronic tones, without overdoing it too much on the science and research.

With 18 bullet-points that demonstrate why you would want to have the "binaural brain", you will soon learn:

- Why Leonardo Da Vinci would be a big fan of brain wave entrainment
- How to increase the amount of neural connections in your brain
- Why creativity increases with binaural-beat use
- How to be less frustrated and more in "flow"
- How to be more confident and happier

This article is a good companion to some of the posts referenced in this section, and will give you a really good idea of the kind of medium / long-term benefits of regular binaural-beat use, without overworking your brain.

Find out more by reading Binaural Brain.

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